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CASTLE season finales + color palettes (insp)

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Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s already the 12th of July where we are, which means one thing…it’s weshipcaskett’s third birthday!! 

Back when we started weshipcaskett, I don’t think either of us ever thought that we would still be here, running it three years later. And I don’t think we ever expected it to have the reception that it has had.

We’d just like to thank our beautiful followers and the fantastic Castle Fandom for always being super supportive and fun to hang out with. We love you all, and wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!

Feel free to pop into our inbox all day- we’ll be throwing a mini-party like thing.

Lots of love,

Tara & Ani

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Castle: stats 


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attention lovely followers!

Hi. :3

Ani here! I am back from the forests of Borneo, alive & in one piece (schyeah!). Just wanted to pop in a quick post regarding our pending/potential/upcoming/already-kind-of-there inactivity. We’re both on our summer vacations (*cough* not really, thanks to the IB) and have lots going on currently. I was in Borneo (an island off the coast of Malaysia) for 10 days, completing my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, with no access to the internet or any electronic devices. Tomorrow, I leave for India to do ten days of volunteering at the Laksh Foundation (check it out if you’re interested in working with children/farming/NGOs!) before doing the annual family-visiting holiday in the country :) My dear co-owner left for India a little after I left for Borneo (I miss her already!) and has been upto her own adventurous activities, and therefore requested that I explain to you why the two of us have been/will be a little inactive for the upcoming month. All of this in addition to the fact that we both have a mountain of summer work from our oh-so-understanding teachers at school ._. Fun fun fun! Oh the things we do to get into university…

As an aside: weshipcaskett’s birthday is coming up in a little over a week! Aw yea! Partay at ours ;-) [i.e. this domain]

We’re not going into complete radio silence, but we wanted to give you guys a heads up. Drop off a few messages, tell us how your summers (or winters, for all you Southern Hemisphere-ers) are going!

Big love,

A xo

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Castle S6 Tribute

At the start of the season, VALKYRIE transported us into a DREAMWORLD where we were told Castle’s life was in danger. This secret was told on a NEED TO KNOW basis, and as we’re his NUMBER ONE FANS, we were thrilled when he survived (although we always knew he would anyway. TIME WILL TELL the rest, as we GET A CLUE about the future of our favourite couple. LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER, Alexis investigates a case to find that A MURDER IS FOREVER and 3XK is back with a DISCIPLE. We see our favourite due tackle THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE BABY, only to come UNDER FIRE and have to go into DEEP COVER to avoid the LIMELIGHT. When they rise again, they are DRESSED TO KILL and SMELL LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. The danger exacerbates as they enter ROOM 147 and walk straight into THE BELLY OF THE BEAST, where they must learn THE WAY OF THE NINJA to be able to escape for THE GREATER GOODTHAT 70’S SHOW teaches them the lessons they need to escape LAW AND BOARDER and eventually VERITAS prevails.

Now they must asses: has this year been FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE?

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guess who’ve been selected as prefects?

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She’s proud of you. Wherever she is, she’s proud of you.

She takes it off once they arrive back home. Unleashes the ring from the chain that has held it for so long, for so many years and lets it rest inside her open palm for a while, traces its contours and edges that she has grown so used to over the years. She smiles, a small, melancholic smile that speaks of good byes and new beginnings and for a second she hesitates before her eyes flicker to the chain resting on the table in front of her. The chain that is now occupied with a silver ring, Castle’s ring, her engagement ring, and the ring that promises her she won’t be alone, wherever she goes, whatever happens he is going to be there and with one last twist of the golden ring inside her hand she opens the small wooden box in front of her and places the ring on the red velvet inside, before she closes the lid, puts her necklace back on and leaves the room towards where she knows Castle will be waiting for her. To a future that will no longer be haunted by the ghosts of her past.

I was actually wondering about this scene in the episode. She’s in the bathroom putting the chain on the sink when she hears movement outside, then shit goes down and Castle takes her away. What happens to the chain? Did it get left behind or .. ? It’s pretty important tbh and I’d be a little disappointed if this wasn’t touched upon later in the show. 

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We’re awesomesauce xx

We’re awesomesauce xx

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We’re awesomesauce xx

We’re awesomesauce xx

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so done with the ib

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the castle times